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Almost Human Media

Concept to content - EdTech & Immersive Media

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We work with educators to transform abstruse curriculum into dynamic and unforgettable experiences.

Our interactive projects are perfect learning solutions for classroom, web, mobile, public display, and AV/VR.

Real-time simulation, interactive puzzles, open worlds, virtual erector sets are in our areas of expertise.

Immersive media can be used as a tool to help students connect with advancing frontiers in science and technology.

Our team uses game engine technology to create sensory rich and engaging learning experiences of complex topics and abstract ideas. We enhance educational curriculum to draw in and capture the attention of learners.

  • Experiential learning for wide range of topics
  • Intricate & engaging virtual worlds
  • Customizable virtual classrooms
  • Real-time simulation of complex topics
  • Web/Mobile integration
  • Adaptable to existing LMS

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Emmy awarded and with over 30 years of experience, we are experts at understanding how to make ideas stand out. From Hollywood blockbusters to cutting-edge biomedical visualizations to interactive city planning tools, we collaborate with visionaries and researchers to make ideas memorable, tactile, and intuitive .

  • CG and post production effects
  • Photo realistic virtual sets and set extension
  • Environmental, scientific, medical, biotech MOA animations
  • Film, TV, Internet, Virtual Reality, Full Dome presentation

Project Reels & Stills

We combine our decades of experience in visual effects with interactive media to create immersive content. From wall-sized generative art to interactive and playful installations, our work engages and ignites curiosity.

  • Sensor integration for physical movement effects
  • Museum Installations
  • Architectural projection
  • 360 Dome
  • Moving wall art for lobbies, restaurants, storefronts

Project Reels & Stills

About Us

Led by Emmy awarded artist, Ethan Summers, we are a team of talented artists and programmers who turn complex topics into engaging, tactile, and intuitive experiences.

Our combined backgrounds extend through VFX, software development, visual arts, game development, storytelling, simulation, and data visualization. From that diverse toolkit, we synthesize experiences tailored to the needs of the client, topic, and audience.

  • Driven by Vision: dedicated to crafting sensory-rich material in memorable virtual universes
  • Open Dialogue: we value communication and brainstorming with our clients
  • Innovative: our cross-functional team can turn on a dime, ideate and produce break through ideas
  • Collaborative: we value working in partnership with experts in other fields to illuminate any topic
  • Tech Savvy: expertise in Unreal Engine, C++/#, Python, WebGL, Unity, Cinema4D, Blender, Maya

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